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Delia roundup

Ian Francis
Monday 22nd September, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

Pram tape loop

Towards Tomorrow was one of our most pleasurable event experiences. No major hitches, enthusiastic and friendly audience, a great little venue, a mesmerising Pram set and lots of support from our hosts A Thing About Machines. There was a palpable sense of gratitude and excitement from Cov-ites that something like ATAM was going on in their city, so kudos to Cormac and Jenna and here's to number 2 next year. Some bugger did steal our carefully-compiled folder of archive materials (boo) but never mind; we've posted a lot of it in virtual form. There are a few event photos too. And for those still wondering what this Delia character did to merit all the attention, do check out delia-derbyshire.org, or Martin Guy's excellent "audiological chronology". Or press play below:

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