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The Unsung Stars of Gone to Earth

Tuesday 28th November, 2023

Following a very warm reception at Midlands Arts Centre at the weekend, we're delighted to present Brian Harley's film about the time Hollywood came to Shropshire.

The film documents the stories of Jim Moore, Val Roberts and Maureen Norrey, who all appeared as extras in Powell & Pressburger's 1950's Technicolour film Gone to Earth.

We took a trip to Wenlock last month, screening Gone to Earth for a packed village hall where we were joined by Val and Maureen alongside other extras who turned up on the night to share memories and relive the excitement. You can read all about the screening and the film's history in Flatpack director (and Wenlock native) Ian Francis' write up.

The film had its premiere on Saturday night, and we hope to get it back on the big screen again before long, but in the meantime you can watch it here:

Our Powell & Pressburger season continues, with plenty of Archers masterpieces still to come. Check out the full line up here.

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