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Errata, addenda, and so on

Ian Francis
Saturday 20th March, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis


Look out for the nice Flatpack writeup in t'Guardian Guide today. One small error we should point out: Moon Unit and Jackdaw with Crowbar are actually playing on Saturday night at the Plasticine Party, not as part of the opening.

Although, people in glass houses... There are are a couple of minor changes to our published brochure. The main ones to mention are:

- The Matt Stokes screening on Saturday 27th March at VIVID is taking place at 3pm, not 1pm.
- Tickets for Until The Light Takes Us are £6, not £4/£3 as advertised in some places.
- David Hurley's installation won't be open until Monday Tuesday.
- Sacred Places is now showing with Ben Rivers' wonderful I Know Where I'm Going as well as Facts About Projection, so the screening will end at around 8:20.

That's pretty much it. Any other last-minute updates or additions will be posted here.

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