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Ian Francis
Wednesday 20th January, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis


It's very easy to get tunnel-vision when you're planning a festival. I find myself muttering lists of things to do as I trudge the slushy pavements of Birmingham, narrowly missing lamp-posts while mental spread-sheets blur my vision. Perhaps it's a good thing then, that we're off out of here for a couple of days next week. We're taking part in a really tasty-looking event called Kino Climates in Rotterdam, a gathering of film venues and programmers from all over Europe. We get to sleep on a boat, and Paper Cinema are coming along with us to do their magic cut-out thing. On the way we're doing a night at the Nova Cinema in Brussels, a place I've always wanted to visit. All very exciting, and if possible I will try and leave the mental spread-sheets at home.

PS: If you're wondering what the heck is going on at Flatpack this year, fear not! Further details will follow very soon.

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