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Ian Francis
Sunday 31st March, 2013 Posted by Ian Francis

For the first time tonight we'll be giving out Flatpack prizes for the best short films in the festival. A spirit of competition may seem to sit oddly with the Flatpack ethos, but we felt it was about time we recognised some of the amazing work that makes its way into the programme every year. Five films will be receiving the soon-to-be prestigious and coveted Flatpack Allen Key, under the following categories...

BEST SHORT FILM Chosen by our guest jurors, Kier-la Janisse (Blue Sunshine Film Center, Pop Montreal) and Ravi Amaratunga (Dazed and Confused).

FLATPACK WTF AWARD The film which blew our mind.

COLOUR BOX AWARD Selected from the Colour Box family programme by Team Flatpack.

FLATPACK AUDIENCE AWARD The most popular short film in the whole programme, decided once we've sifted through all of the voting slips gathered during the festival.

COLOUR BOX AUDIENCE AWARD As above, but for the Colour Box programme.

Thanks to our jurors, and to everyone who voted. All of the prize-winners will be screened at this evening's closing event.

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