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Ian Francis
Wednesday 13th May, 2009 Posted by Ian Francis

Sifting through all the images and data and audience reaction from the festival is a mammoth job in itself, and it can be hard to translate into anything digestible. Thanks to the joys of Wordle I've just fed all the comments from the 200 or so feedback cards we collected, and this is what came out the other end:

Flatpack feedback

Feel the love! If you scrutinise carefully you can find the more critical stuff, particularly in relation to the coldness of the warehouse on the first night before we fixed the heating, but on the whole it's all embarassingly positive.

Perhaps the biggest complaint (ie, about ten cards) was lack of local advertising/publicity. Talking to other festival folk this seems to be a familiar issue. In fact we got some really good local press/TV coverage, scattered the brochures everywhere and the installation trail was great for raising awareness, but making a real visual impact on a limited marketing budget in a big sprawling place like Birmingham is hard work. Anyway, this will be a priority for next year.

By the way, belated congratulations to the five winners of our comment-card competition... Peter and Julie Stainton (Southwater, West Sussex), Charlotte Eastop (London), Jasmine Hayward (Perry Barr), Sarah Coulston (Gainsborough) and Michael Fitzgerald (Earlsdon) have all won themselves an annual subscription to Electric Sheep.

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