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Fierce 2013

Ian Francis
Friday 4th October, 2013 Posted by Ian Francis

Once a springtime bedfellow with Flatpack, Fierce has now nestled itself in October and tonight kicks off a jam-packed and unpredictable weekend of performances, parties and interventions. Flatpackers may be particularly interested in...

Sounds like Catastrophes, in which a group of young people perform their audio version of the apocalypse;

Worktable, a 'live installation' by Kate McIntosh at Minerva Works;

Saturday's Club Fierce, taking place across AE Harris and PST and including Cork's Eat My Noise, Birmingham MC RoxXxan and films from KINO 10;

A Sunday night climax at Warwick Arts Centre which brings together hot young electronic fellow Nicolas Jaar with the Joshua Light Show's legendary visual show (pictured), developed with the likes of Grateful Dead and the Doors.

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