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Flatpack 2023 Short Film Pass

Sam Briggs
Friday 14th April, 2023 Posted by Sam Briggs

Want to see all 5 of our Shorts Competition Screenings at a discounted rate? You’ll be wanting our Short Film pass then.

With so many amazing shorts at this year’s Flatpack it can be hard to know which programme to choose, that’s why we’re letting you access all 5 screenings for only £20 with our short film pass. Now that is a bargain!

As part of the deal, you’ll get access to each of our shorts competitions, each with a wide-range of fantastic shorts, including:

Another Look

A programme exploring different and unique ways of seeing the world. From events witnessed seven years too late in Slow Light, to AI clones struggling with gymnastics in Backflip:


Taking a minute to look at our relationship with good old Mother Earth. We’ll be stopping by Green Space for a long summer day in the park and hearing about plans to keep those pesky giant newts at bay in The Newt Congress. Yes, you read that right.

Ties That Bind

Delving into the full spectrum of human relationships, whether it’s a father struggling to understand his son’s determination to become a fish in Go Fishboy or a filmmaker trialling different stylistic methods to help with his grieving process in Outlets.

Off Your Chest

This selection takes a peek at lies (or hidden truths) from a range of different perspectives. We’ll be hearing far-fetched stories in the world premiere of Joe Lycett’s Linda, and attempting to translate the feral cries of children in Aaaah!. Some of these porkies may require a pinch of salt…


As a species, we are spending longer and longer with our minds elsewhere, and the same is certainly true of the characters in this programme. Whether you’re a delivery driver searching for aliens in the Big Apple whilst also desperate for the loo in Power Signal, or taking notes at The International Congress of Mordern Architecture in Architects’ Cruise, there’s something here for everyone with their head up in the clouds.

Flatpack Shorts Programmer Max thinks: "Shorts are the best. I mean, why would you sit and watch one film when you could watch six or seven? Especially when the shorts contain stuff like entire towns being swallowed by water (Under the Lake), kids desperate to become a fish (Go Fishboy), and ghostly termites haunting the family home (White Ant). That's just a brief taster of what's to come!"

To secure your pass simply follow the link or head to one of the shorts programme events on our website and follow the link there.

Short Film Pass Bundle

Remember, once you’ve ordered your pass you’ll still need to book tickets for each individual event (at no additional cost) to make sure you have secured your seat.

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