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Ian Francis
Thursday 11th April, 2013 Posted by Ian Francis

Having been far too distracted to take it all in at the time, we are piecing together the festival experience from other people's photos and blog posts. Here are a few things we've come across so far - if you've got anything to add please just post in the comments below. And don't forget we are seeking your feedback via the Flatpack 7 survey.

One of the best all-round snapshots of Flatpack can be found in this audio report produced by Cinema Nation for Resonance FM. Includes interviews with various people including Ian from the festival and Alice Lowe at the Grey Gardens screening, as well as nice snippets on the Chinese event at Cherish House and the Passion of Joan of Arc;

Corrina Antrobus wrote a review of the opening weekend for Virgin Movies, including Grey Gardens, Musictube and the NBCQ film discussion;

There's a detailed account of the final weekend from Virginie Selavy at Sight and Sound;

...And another one from Eleanor McKeown for Electric Sheep;

The mac team had a group outing to our opening night for Safety Last;

As well as heroically keeping the Sol Cinema caravan on the road despite the snow, Undercurrents also had time to check out Good Vibrations;

Kopfkino also struggled with the snow, but came away with a nice little video;

Jez Turner did a great job of documenting their 8mm Cine Club event, via Storify, a report on their tumblr, and by posting various telecines from the day on youtube.

Real Women Have Curves and Surf Boards enjoyed Shynola, Cyclomania and Joan of Arc;

Katie Steed visited for the weekend and her writeup includes the NBCQ party and The Adventures of Prince Achmed;

Lynsey at Thinktank did a roundup of their wonderful Celluloid Nights event;

Skwigly reviewed various animation events;

While Reeling the Real covered the documentary programme;

Dice Productions went to Shynola;

Studio 279 wrote an in-depth report on their experiences as part of Show Me The Money, and also caught Strings at mac;

Peter Sharples summarised his experiences as a volunteer;

Birmingham Cyclist went to Cyclomania;

...Where Tim Wheatley also made a nifty little video of the Cyclotrope animations;

While Dolly Clackett had a Doctor Who day out;

Wordshore did a flickr report on Brummies, Boozers and Bruisers;

...And 24Dash have done a report on one of our highlights, the Chinese film event at Cherish House.

Other photo roundups include bikefilm's Cyclomania set, Craig Bush's gifs, mommaskill's snaps, and Colour Burst have posted a bundle of their stereoscopic portraits from the 3D Party. If you do upload any festival pics to flickr, feel free to add them to the Flatpack Festival group.


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