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Flatpack 7 is live!

Ian Francis
Saturday 2nd March, 2013 Posted by Ian Francis

In time-honoured David Bowie/MBV fashion, the 2013 Flatpack programme slipped quietly online last night. Feast yourself here. We're now sat in the Custard Factory awaiting a Saturday delivery of a palletload of lovely new festival newspapers, which will then start making their way out across Birmingham and the UK. In the meantime, the whole thing is online at Issuu. Tickets are on sale early next week.

It's often at this point where we reassure ourselves that, compared to finishing off the brochure and the website, putting on the festival itself is a breeze. We'll see about that! If you find a typo or a missing link while browsing, go gentle on us - there's plenty of opportunity for mistakes when you launch 100 events at once, and we'll be polishing and embellishing things over the next few days.

Before we go and marshal the trollies, a few thank yous. To Morten, our Programme Assistant, who has been an image-resizing and event-uploading machine for the last couple of weeks. To An Endless Supply, for doing a great job on the brochure design once again. To Jacob Masters at Gabba for patient stewardship and rebuilding of the website. And to the lovely Sharmans in Peterborough, who received our artwork about 3pm yesterday and are already delivering 12,000 newspapers to our door. Now onwards! Birmingham sunrise photo by Ian Yates.

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