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Ian Francis
Tuesday 17th March, 2009 Posted by Ian Francis

Photograph by Hilmi Ramlan

As it involved quite a lot of things going on at the same time, there was only so much of the festival we could get to ourselves. Thankfully the joys of self-googling mean that we can relive the whole shebang through other people's blogs...

Both Winnie and Kate Spragg wandered around Birmingham on the installation trail;

Owen Lee painted walls and took photos at Floodgate Kino;

Russl got annoyed with the calendar, but enjoyed Curzonora;

Nixon Leung was knocked out by David O'Reilly;

Samantha Moore took her offspring to Paper CInema;

James Yarker took his down to Floodgate St, and loved Rod McLachlan's Paintcan;

Alec Chalmers had a jampacked Friday and Saturday, then decided to knock off on Sunday before his brains and eyes became runny;

Hilmi Ramlan had a mixed Saturday afternoon;

and Meme Cortex got lost in Digbeth after watching Sleep Furiously.

>> Extras

Olivier Ruellet's flatpacked weekend;

Post mortem (arf);

Mubarak Elmubarak on In a Dream, Unpacked and the festival in general;

A feast of post-match analysis on the Little White Lies blog - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ;

David O'Reilly on his Birmingham jaunt;

Friction Arts look back on their weekend at the Edge;

and a review of Curzonora at Birmingham Live.

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