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Flatpicks 2019: Lucile Bourliaud

Friday 26th April, 2019

Still suffering from choice overload? Fret not - Programmer Lucile Bourliaud is here to give you some more guidance ahead of Flatpack 2019...

Shut Up and Play the Piano

Canadian composer Chilly Gonzales keeps cropping up in my music-loving friends' conversations, yet he's so versatile that I've never really understood who he is or what he does exactly. This documentary is the answer I was looking for. Spanning a career of 20 years, it follows the artist, a character as eccentric as he's talented, for 85 highly entertaining minutes.
A great introduction to his work.

Catch this doc at The Mockingbird on 4 May. Tickets available here.

Strange Birds

I love all the shorts in the competition, and choosing one programme over the others would be a bit like admitting you have a favourite child (unacceptable).
That being said, I have a soft spot for the documentaries that compose Strange Birds, a sometimes tender, sometimes bewildered look at the human comedy.
Expect belly flop contests, miniature condoms and giant cucumbers.

Thursday 2 - Friday 3 May at the Mockingbird. Tickets available here.

Shorts & Hops

What better way to end the festival than by watching shorts and drinking beer? Ok, it may be what you've been doing all week... the difference here is that we've teamed up with the ale connoisseurs at Kilder to pair short films with their beer counterpart.
How does what you see influence what you taste?
That's what we'll try to find out in this convivial experiment.

Book your tickets for this short film and beer pairing on 5 May (4-6pm) here.

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