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Flatpicks: Lucile Bourliaud

Monday 18th April, 2016

Next up providing you with her Flatpack 10 Flatpicks is Programme Assistant Lucile Bourliaud. (You can peruse the recommendations of other members of Team Flatpack here.)

1) Competition Shorts: Delusions and Outsiders As a big fan of animation and short films, my preference goes to the 2 animated shorts programmes in the competition - half of which are UK premieres!

RHIZOME_logo_DEF_07573_web (1)

2) Boris Labbé: Rhizome I discovered this film by French animator Boris Labbé last year, and found it fascinating. It's even more so when you get to see the hundreds of drawings that were used to make it, some of which will be exhibited alongside the film at Millenium Point.

3) Chuck Norris Vs Communism If you're nostalgic for grainy videotapes, then this documentary about a VHS black-market operation in 1980s Romania is for you. It's surprising, it's funny - and what a title!


4) Crumbs I don't have a soft spot for sci-fi, but when it comes from Ethiopia and stars crazy nazis and Santa Claus, you know it's going to be joyously unconventional. (+ we've just received the posters, and they look great!)


5) Mothwasp Loud music and hypnotizing visuals is just what you need on a Saturday night, to get you in the mood for the 10th birthday party!

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