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Flatpicks: Sam Groves

Wednesday 20th April, 2016

Team Flatpack have been providing recommendations on what not to miss at Flatpack 10 over the last week (see them all here). Still need more suggestions? Take a look at the below selection by Programmer Sam Groves...

dreammachine1 by Brian Wahr_web

1) Sound + Vision This night of analogue AV promises to be a little bit special. Optical Machines have never performed in the UK before, Transforma rarely do, and Graham Dunning, although a regular on the UK circuit, is always a joy to see. What's more we've got Adrian Flury merging people's faces on a big screen too. For anyone who was at Usaginingen last year, you mustn't miss this.

Channel 4- Eye Openers_web

2) Channel 4: Eye Openers It's not every year we can claim to be screening the perfect film, but this year [as far as I'm concerned] we are. As a teenager, seeing Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers on C4 was a revelatory moment for me - it was pure craft, unadulterated craft. The following day I showed my parents, and then friends, and then friends of friends. I've basically been doing that now for about 15 years, and now it's such a pleasure to be screening it as part of a programme of shorts celebrating Channel 4. I asked some other filmmakers, curators and commissioners to pick their revelatory Channel 4 films too - they picked some crackers also.


3) Short Film Competition I can't bang the drum loud enough for these - five eclectic programmes of basically the best contemporary filmmaking you're likely to come across.

Ruined Heart_1

4) Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between A Criminal And A Whore People always talk about films that 'stay with you', well this certainly did for me. It's a raw, visceral, confounding, punk piece of filmmaking with real [ruined] heart to it. As soon as I could I bought the soundtrack on vinyl - it's amazing.


5) Pierre Bastien + Brian Duffy Pierre Bastien makes music and visuals using Meccano - it's ace. He's ace. Last time I saw him I was so enthused I was unconsciously and genuinely doing the Kriss Akabusi 'awooga' fist rolling gesture - that's how good he is. With Brian Duffy as a double bill, it'll be a real treat.

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