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Abbe Elliston
Tuesday 3rd March, 2015 Posted by Abbe Elliston

This year, as ever, there are opportunities galore for all you cinephiles and future filmmakers to get involved at Flatpack. Whether you have a yearning to learn how to act with puppets, or fancy having a go at crafting your own Benshi-style film commentary, look no further: below you’ll find an array of programme picks inviting you to get involved.

Camera Obscura Workshops Head down to Home Café Deli and have a go at making your own handheld camera obscura with artists Jenny Duffin and Pete Ashton.

Internet Cat Videos Do you love trawling the World Wide Web for cat videos? Flatpack are teaming up with FAMALAM to bring Birmingham a taste of the Internet Cats Video Festival (it happens). You can help to curate the cat videos on show, so if you’ve come across a feline worth featuring get in touch at info@famalam.org.


The Magic Cinema The Magic Cinema is an open-reel DIY film event. Any film gets shown, as long as it’s 10 minutes long and gets an introduction from the filmmaker (or a willing spokesperson). Email themagiccinema@live.co.uk to submit your film.

Communicating with Puppets: Stop-Motion Animation Workshop Explore the intricacies of micro acting with puppets at this two-day workshop from Cartoon d’Or winners Emma de Swaef and Marc Roels.

DIY Sci-Fi Digbeth based artists Trevor Boddington and Steve Woodhouse (aka '2 Art Toy Guys') have been using recycled materials to create amazing miniature worlds for years, and now they’ve branched out into filmmaking. Throughout the weekend they’ll be taking over a shop at the Custard Factory to show some of their recent work. You can help to realise Trevor and Steve's creations by sending us any old computer parts, mannequins or other oddities. Please contact us on info@flatpackfestival.org.uk.

Ta-Co Workshop Japanese audio-visual performance duo Usaginingen will show participants how to make their very own Ta-cos (the contraption that creates the otherworldly visuals in their unique show).

Interactive Filmmaking Workshop Crossover Labs and Sheffield Doc/Fest present a day-long workshop focusing on Interlude’s Treehouse, an authoring app that gives you the tools to create your own interactive project. To sign up, visit sheffdocfest.com/workshops.

The Wigout: Battle of the Air Bands The clouds of rock gather, all-out air guitar war approaches. At the Wigout prepare to witness imaginary drums being smashed to pieces, invisible organs pounded and guitars made of Scotch mist shredded. If you fancy yourself an air rockstar, complete the Wigout form and email to info@hfwas.co.uk. Maximum number of band members is two, max is five.

Beatfreeks Workshop: Talking Pictures If our Benshi features have got you in the mood to try your hand at film narration, this is the workshop for you. Fresh from their Equinox Festival, Beatfreeks will lead a session for writers and poets keen to match their words to moving images.

Way of the Benshi: Open Mic As the festival draws to a close, the stage is yours. Pick a film sequence, develop a spoken word soundtrack to it, and then perform it live with the film here at the Kavarna. Email programme@flatpackfestival.org.uk to get involved.

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