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Ghostbusters: A Night in Pictures

Friday 12th August, 2022

After two long years, we made our way back to Dudley Zoo and Castle for the much anticipated return of ‘Beware the Moon’, a yearly screening event that turns Dudley Castle into an open air cinema for your delight and enjoyment.

The most recent iteration of the event was an outdoor screening of the legendary Ghostbusters. The castle grounds were flooded with a warm wave of 80s nostalgia along with a spooky mix of horror and comedy gold. Aside from an interesting medley of audience screams, gasps and giggles, highlights of the night included a giant Stay Puft replica, an unholy combination of the East and West Midlands Ghostbusters gangs, and a slimed up Dudley Castle.

Needless to say it was well worth the wait. But don’t take our word for it- keep scrolling for a look at the night in pictures!

Images courtesy of Katja Ogrin.

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