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Ian Francis
Thursday 2nd February, 2012 Posted by Ian Francis

As you may have noticed there's a bundle of 2012 highlights up on our homepage now - tickets for these events will be available from Monday 6th Feb. This is just the beginning, but gives you some idea of the range of things on offer at Flatpack this year. Some other joys in store...

BIKERMANIA – A programme devoted to British biking culture, including George Formby at the TT Races, Black Country Hells Angels and an evening of two-wheeled entertainment from BFI Flipside.

FILM BUG - An invasion of Birmingham’s city centre featuring countless free screenings, walking tours and live scores around Colmore Row.

MISSPENT YOUTH – Formative movies selected by a range of people including sculptor Cornelia Parker, comedian Adil Ray and Joe Dunthorne, author of Submarine.

OUTER SIGHT - A series of far out psynema specials including 'weird world' speakeasy, celluloid sleepover and a trip into the uncanny world of Robert Morgan.

BRING YOUR OWN BEAMER - One room + many artists, each with their own projector = visual overload. More info coming soon.

Plus your basic screenings of amazing films from all over the world including new work from Aki Kaurismaki, Ben Rivers, Jafar Panahi, Park Chan-Wook and Werner Herzog, the return of Puppetology, music docs galore and archive gold. The full programme will be up here on 22 Feb, with plenty more updates on here and twitter in the meantime. Exciting!

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