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Ian Francis
Tuesday 8th December, 2009 Posted by Ian Francis

Ok, this is where it starts getting interesting. Tired of knocking a shuttlecock back and forth across a largeish office and conscious that there's actually quite a lot to do between now and March, we have upsized the Flatpack team from two-person band to ten-legged groove machine. So look out for...


[Left to right] Jigisha Patel - our new coordinator. We kidnapped her from Ikon Gallery, but hopefully they've forgiven us. She's great anyway, and is getting her teeth into all sorts including sponsorship, marketing, vintage buses and making sure our tea-towels get washed. Matt Moore - by day, a purveyor of bath-bombs, by night an undercover Art-Detector. Somewhere in between he's helping to spread the good word on Flatpack. Ben Lynch - animator, facilitator and for the next few months tasked with logging hundreds of your film submissions and rounding up tapes and prints for screenings.


Then you've got Pip McKnight - sorting out the venues, cranking up the PR machine, hustling for money and occasionally looking souful at her laptop; and myself, Ian Francis, looking slightly grumpy because he's still got quite a few films to find. There's also Gas who does all the design, but good luck trying to take a picture of him.

...And plenty more to come.

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