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Jaygo Bloom

Ian Francis
Friday 20th June, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

jaygo bloom

A quick introduction to Jaygo Bloom, who is coming down for our birthday gig next Saturday. We first came across him at an event we organised in Glasgow, where he set up a little greenscreen playpen in the corner of a tent. A steady stream of kids and stormtroopers came to frolic in front of his camera with various props and costumes, and saw themselves beamed into various psychedelic netherworlds... It reminded me of visits to film museums as a kid when you lie on your belly in front of a fan wearing a cape and before you know it you're flying over New York. Simple technology, but still strangely exciting. Anyway, rather than bloody karaoke we thought this would make for an excellent addition to proceedings at the Rainbow. Jaygo (that's him in the middle, above) is based in Glasgow and has been responsible for all kinds of barmy a-v projects, like the intriguing Midi Maracas - see his retina-bleeding site or blog for more info. And if anyone out there has any particular bigscreen fantasies they want to enact, please feel free to bring along your own props and costumes.

One more birthday notice before the weekend -- there's a mini PR toolkit at the bottom of the event page, with a couple of tips on helping us spread the word about next Saturday's event. We'd really like to make it a busy one, so if you're able to stick up a poster or spam some friends it'd be much appreciated.

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