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Ian Francis
Thursday 1st September, 2011 Posted by Ian Francis

We'll be over the Black Country like a rash over the next four days, presenting a banquet of heavy metal cinema in all sorts of venues. The 'heavy metal' theme has been treated quite loosely, and as well as live footage, music docs and the obligatory Spinal Tap you can also find plenty of archive material, a special screening of Ken Loach's Cathy Come Home with producer Tony Garnett and a couple of the horror movies which played an important part in shaping the metal sound...

The movie which gave the band their name, a lurid omnibus chiller with Boris Karloff nearing the end of his career...

...And Shane Embury from Napalm Death has hand-picked one of his favourite video nasties, Lucio Fulci's The Beyond. Expect shonky dubbing and spectacular gore.

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