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Ian Francis
Thursday 29th July, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis

Birmingham's love of threatened species and the soon-to-be-demolished has manifested itself again in a flurry of Central Library activity. Last night VIVID in Digbeth unveiled a new multi-screen video installation by Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry, filmed in the guts of the building on empty Sunday afternoons. It's called Inbindable Volume, and runs until 21 August.

Inbindable Volume

A group have also formed around the notion Project Brutal, aiming to celebrate the library 'before it's too late', and this week Lucy McLauchlan has been painting a bird mural on the side of the building.

Lucy birds [via BiNS]

This might also be a good time to revisit the documentary about the man who designed the thing, John Madin, back when he had the world in the palm of his hand. This film helped inspire the writing of Catherine O'Flynn's new book The News Where You Are, featuring an architect whose legacy gets demolished. And finally, when/if they do start knocking it down perhaps someone would like to film a sequel to this:

Birmingham timelapse from 7inch cinema on Vimeo.

PS: In anticipation of the big clear-out, there are some good film-books going cheap on the fourth floor at the moment.

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