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Ian Francis
Monday 28th February, 2011 Posted by Ian Francis

As you've probably noticed, the full programme went live today. Much euphoria and relief in Flatpack towers, after many weeks of finalising and data-crunching. Bookings launch at lunchtime on Wednesday, but in the meantime browse to your heart's content and be gentle with us; there are no doubt a few bits and bobs which are still need of polishing, embellishing or linkifying.

The brochures will be out and about at the end of this week, and one place you're guaranteed to pick one up is the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath where we're having a little pre-festival warmup on Sunday 6th March. As well as DJs from Colour and various coming attractions from Flatpack we'll have a great film by Elfin Saddle (Constellation records) called Wurld...

WURLD trailer - Elfin Saddle from Constellation Records on Vimeo.

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