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Ian Francis
Friday 12th August, 2011 Posted by Ian Francis

While we beaver away overhauling the website and plotting for Flatpack 6, as ever there's plenty of film action afoot over at the 7inch website.

After a couple of jaunts to Green Man and Shambala festivals this month, on September 1st we kick off a jampacked weekend of Metal on Film. This is part of the ongoing Home of Metal juggernaut, celebrating the Midlands' heavy rock heritage with all manner of exhibitions and events, and our contribution will include a host of screenings at Light House as well as one-offs across the Black Country. If you missed the legendary Chris Needham at Flatpack in March you'll be glad to know he's making a return visit, as are Ollie and Emma with their marvellous Vintage Mobile Cinema. We've also got a shorts programme showing on Sunday 4th Sept called Metal Till I Die, which among other things includes the following...

Mashup of Black Dog youtube covers by Kutiman...

Somewhat mental Japanese collage film by Yoshihiro Haku and Sachiko Hiraoka (NSFW)...

...and a beautiful half-hour doc from Belfast by NFTS graduate Ania Winiarska.

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