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My Winnipeg, live

Ian Francis
Thursday 19th June, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

Just booked tickets for our birthday treat, a Tuesday afternoon jaunt to London to wave down the Telectroscope and then on to see Guy Maddin's fantabulous new documentary My Winnipeg, narrated live by the man himself. Regular viewers will know that mention of Mr Maddin's work can get us all of a-flutter, in particular his shorts The Heart of the World and The Eye Like a Strange Balloon - we even devoted an event to them once. We're also very fond of his book From the Atelier Tovar, a collection of journal entries and film treatments full of over-heated prose and candid accounts of his creative, financial and libidinous tribulations. Anyway, BFI Southbank are hosting a full Maddin retrospective throughout July and My Winnipeg will be perambulating the UK over the summer.

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