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Ian Francis
Tuesday 13th May, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

We urge you to take 7 minutes out of your busy schedule to watch the latest 'ambiguous animation' from Bologna-based muralista Blu. His creepy bald fellows have been popping up on walls all over the world for a while, but recently they have begun to move. Some of the video sketches he did last year were nifty, and MUTO is another step up; I love the way the 2D and 3D rub up against each other. Can't wait to see Megunica either, a doc/animation about Central/South American adventures which Blu has been working on with Lorenzo Fonda (another talented Italian - more great videos on his site). >> If you have creaky broadband like us, you might want to pause this while it loads. >> (With thanks to Gas and Chris, who emailed us the link simultaneously)

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