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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Tuesday 31st January, 2012

Colour Box returns on Saturday for the second of our family matinee screenings with a new English language version of popular Norwegian classic Pinchliffe Grand Prix.

Released in 1975 and based on characters by writer Kjell Aukrust, this beautifully realised stop motion animation adaptation by Ivo Caprino features inventor Theodore Rimspoke and his two friends Sonny (a magpie) and Lambert (a hedgehog). The trio live at the top of a hill where they make ingenious and outlandish devices, until one day they find out that an international motor race will be happening in their village.

To find out more check out the 7inch website, and you can book tickets via mac.

Coming up in the Colour Box programme we also have a fun afternoon of workshop sessions with Steven Roberts, the BAFTA-winning creator of CBeebies animation series Dipdap. It's sure to be a highlight of the Flatpack Festival so come along on Saturday 17 March to see how how it's done and for a chance to get creative too.

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