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Max Harding
Monday 24th May, 2021 Posted by Max Harding

It’s been a massive year for all of us. The world has turned upside down, and we’ve now had not one but two Flatpacks from the lonely comfort of our own homes. In a time where everything’s a bit too much, a bit of mundane light entertainment is exactly what we need, so we’ve asked Rory Waudby-Tolley, director of powerwash (i love you), to put together a playlist of his favourite satisfying youtube videos. Expect powerwashing, console restoration, and the de-rusting of an antique knife. I don’t recommend watching them if you have work to do, because they’ll start you off on a youtube spiral that's almost impossible to escape.

By Rory Waudby-Tolley:

I Restored This Yellowed Junk Nintendo 64 - Retro N64 Console Restoration
Feeling bored? Get yourself some hydrogen peroxide and UV lights to retrobright yellowed plastic. Or better yet, watch someone else do it. Watch on 2x speed for more satisfying brushing noises.

Antique Rusty Cleaver - Restoration
Maybe I should get a sandblaster? Then people would take me seriously.

Building Cleaning Liverpool
Oh hell yeah, that's the good stuff.

#002 Virtual Treadmill / ASMR Running - Regent's Canal, London
Looks lovely. Maybe I'll go outside today.

108 Rare and Bizarre Media Types
Is there anything sexier than 37 minutes and 21 seconds of non-stop obsolete data storage formats? No. Tell me about you LM1200 WORM disc again, baby.

To watch Rory's film, head over to our virtual festival. powerwash (i love you) is part of the Short Film Competition programme Animated Adventures, available from 24-26 May with a Short Film Pass or a Flatpass.

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