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Sandhya Suri interview

Ian Francis
Wednesday 16th April, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

Sandhya Suri

Just added a brief interview with Sandhya Suri, director of I For India. Here's a snippet:

"Like most film-makers I am simultaneously excited by and worried about the digital revolution. At the beginning I think I was more worried. Things were less clear, everybody seemed to be picking up a camera and we feared that respect for the craft may also fly out the window. However, as this becomes an ever stronger reality, I am more excited, particularly in terms of distribution and the possibility that it gives us as film-makers; to lead a decent, paid, honest life that others do, cutting out the middlemen who take all our money after years of hard work when the film finally gets distributed (if you are that lucky). So, I am interested in using the 'digital revolution' to find my audiences and get to them directly."

We'll be showing the film at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath on Sunday 27 April.

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