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Shy Radicals: A Conversation

Ian Francis
Wednesday 26th May, 2021 Posted by Ian Francis

One of the gems in our mid-length programme is Tom Dream’s film Shy Radicals, developed with Hamja Ahsan from his book of the same name. Here Hamja takes part in a free-ranging conversation with David Derbyshire of Birmingham-based organisation Asperger’s Heroes, touching on the spiritual dimension of showering, Slovenian architecture and Batman as an introvert. Below you’ll find further reading on some of the things mentioned in the chat.

To watch the film, head over to our virtual festival. Shy Radicals is part of our Mid-length competition, available until 31 May to viewers in the UK and Northern Ireland with a Short Film Pass or a Flatpass.

With thanks to Hamja Ahsan, David Derbyshire, Tom Dream and Nikki Bi.

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