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Team pick #3

Sam Groves
Monday 21st March, 2011 Posted by Sam Groves

Hello. Sam here. Programming Assistant. Right, time for some picks:

Firstly, Pixel Visions. Since I first saw this extract from Calculated Movements by Larry Cuba, I’ve been on somewhat of a research project into computer-generated animation. It’s been fascinating. Seeing numerous works by the likes of John Whitney and Lillian Schwartz has been great, but to watch them on 16mm will be an entirely different viewing experience. The performance from Scree afterwards should be pretty impressive too!

Flatpack always throws a good party, and although the Paper Party is shaping up to be the main shindig, I suspect Ra! Ra! Ra! at The Edge on Friday night is going to be quite an event.

Last, but by no means least, I thought it fitting to pick a feature film (seeing as though Flatpack is something of a film festival). In the Shadows is a taut thriller from German director Thomas Arslan. It’s quite bleak at times, but utterly compelling. It’ll be really interesting to hear from the director who will be there to discuss the film after the screening.

Here’s the trailer (couldn’t find an English trailer – don’t worry though, the film has subtitles!)...

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