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The People and the Whale

Ian Francis
Friday 10th October, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

It's always good to start the day with a pleasant surprise through the letterbox, and a dvd of 'The People and the Whale' is just what our Friday needed. It's a short animation by Stockholm-based Peter Larsson, whose earlier film 'The Man Who Got Nowhere' we showed at Flatpack 2. Once again Larsson has peopled his work with grotesque clay folk who show a tendency towards mob mentality and incoherent shouting, showing how a beached whale becomes a beacon for the local community. The cathartic explosion at the end reminded us of a real-life incident in Florence, Oregon...

More info on Larsson's films and nifty collages can be found at hockey-rawk.com. We'll definitely show it at the next festival, but if you can't wait until March Peter is selling DVD copies on the site.

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