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The road to Ballerina

Ian Francis
Thursday 21st August, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

You find us huddled on the foggy ramparts of Berwick-on-Tweed, halfway to the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams; a new film festival in Nairn run by Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins. We could have driven it in a day from Birmingham, but fancied a stop-off at Holy Island to see the spot where Donald Pleasance and Francoise Dorleac bickered in Cul-de-Sac. Good prep for Polanski's next film - The Fearless Vampire Killers - which screens on Thursday at the Ballroom, amongst a programme of fillums clearly chosen on the basis of 'sod it, we like it'. What with cake, live scores, reclaimed shabby venues and Norman McLaren, the BBCD looks to be right up 7inch's street. If we can get online at our caravan park, we might try and send you another postcard.

(...In true postcard style, this is being posted four days later from Inverness library.)

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