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Things That Go Pop

Ian Francis
Wednesday 10th September, 2014 Posted by Ian Francis

On Saturday we realised a long-cherished dream and put on an event devoted to Joseph Priestley, as part of the British Science Festival. A dissenting minister and self-taught scientist, Priestley spent some of his happiest, most productive years in Birmingham (with friends in Lunar Society to bounce his ideas off), until he was driven out of the city by a mob who were angry about his support for the French Revolution.

As you can see from the pics, Things That Go Pop included all manner of contraptions, experiments and fizzy beverages, as well as a visit from Mr Priestley himself. Many thanks to the BSF, University of Birmingham and the Royal Society of Chemistry for their support, to all our guests for their ideas and enthusiasm, and to the Birmingham & Midland Institute for graciously hosting us. And thanks to Jack Spicer Adams for taking the photos.

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