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Wednesday 11th March, 2009

As web editor for Flatpack I've become more than a little familiar with this here site. I'm totally hooked. I think it's perfect. I've started carrying some faded 3D glasses at all times in case I'm caught short and need an analogue fix of the salmon n' cyan colour scheme. A slightly less damaging outcome from working with the site is that the programme is burned into my brain. Back-to-front. I thought I'd put my overexposure to good use and help pick out a few of the events in store that have really got me itching (in no particular order):

  1. The Archive (dir. Sean Dunne), it sounds like a more triumphant cousin to Alan Zweig's Vinyl, a doc. that explored the alienation and obsessions of a dozen North American record collectors. (The Archive is showing with Vashti Bunyan: From Here to Before)
  2. Channel 2 (dir. various). A collection of poetic shorts on space and place, ranging from the Middle East to the West Midlands.
  3. David O'Reilly's Secret Cinema/Unpacked. Web hoax central, David O'Reilly's visit is a see it to believe it affair.
  4. The Juche Idea (dir. Jim Finn). Like a lot in the programme I know nothing more about this than what-the-blurb-says. But I think what-the-blurb-says sounds amazing.
  5. Close Down. It's not wrong to look forward to the end of the festival when the end of the festival promises to be as ram-jammin' as this. There'll be music, requests, shorts, Colour and a farewell to the mindbendingly wonderful Floodgate Kino.
    Keep on clicking. Curtains up in just a few hours...
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