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Uncle Hans-Peter comes to Birmingham

Ian Francis
Tuesday 23rd March, 2010 Posted by Ian Francis

A taste of coming attractions....

UNCLE HANS-PETER PARTY at FLATPACK 24.03.10 from Let Me Feel Your Finger First on Vimeo.

Uncle Hans-Peter is a character from the world of a whole evening at VIVID devoted to him. Each guest receives a free mask and comic.

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Or if you're after something a bit more genteel tomorrow there's a double-bill of 30s events at Ikon Eastside; a look at Birmingham's literary and cultural scene, and then a programme of animation, docs and avant-garde shorts all shown by Birmingham Film Society around the same time. Tickets are £6 each, or £9 for both on the night. As a bit of homework for the literary event, check out Michael Johnston's google map of 30s Birmingham.

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