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Ian Francis
Sunday 22nd February, 2009 Posted by Ian Francis

Sometimes print publicity seems a bit pointless; all those piles of flyers when you can do the same job online with none of the expense or wasted paper. Yesterday in the Flatpack office though, the printed page was god. 20 boxes of brochures came trundling through the door, the first instalment in a hefty shipment which we'll be scattering across Birmingham and beyond over the next couple of weeks. Much as we love embedded video-clips and drop-down menus and the endless scope for cross-referencing you get with the web, there's still nothing like flicking through a film festival booklet and scribbling little asterisks next to the stuff you want to see. (Ok, so I'm a train-spotter.) Putting the thing together is almost as much of a mission as putting on the festival itself, especially when your designer lives and breathes every spread like ours does, but the result is an artefact which you can pull out years after the festival itself has been forgotten and the website has disappeared into digital oblivion.

Well that's quite enough rhapsodisin' over our PR. If you want to pick up one of these beauties they will be appearing in all sorts of places around Birmingham over the next week, in particular festival venues and shops on our installation trail [map]. And if you think your town might be interested in Flatpack let us know and we might send you a bundle.

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