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You've Got a Friend in Flatpack

Abbe Elliston
Friday 20th January, 2017 Posted by Abbe Elliston

As we reach the end of the third week of 2017, things at Flatpack HQ are just starting to warm up. We have a new colour scheme, the planning and programming for Festival 11 is in full swing with someone or other always in a meeting somewhere. The office is buzzing with a whopping 10 people rather than the typical 5 or 6. Things are really starting to happen, so of course it’s been the perfect time to launch something so completely new that we built it up from scratch.

Last week, we at Flatpack proudly launched our very own friend scheme. It’s our way of offering dedicated cinephiles and Flatpackers a new way to support us, whilst they reap benefits throughout the year. The best part? You get to be our FLATMATE.

Being a FLATMATE gets you a 12-month pass with discounts and exclusive invites, not just during the festival but all year round. Notable benefits include a discounted Flatpass, which gives you access to everything at Festival 11 for a bargain price, and a chance to win a private screening run by Flatpack staff using our snazzy pop-up screen and cinema kit.

A full list of reasons to become a FLATMATE can be found here - you can even get a peek at the exclusive pin badge that will be sent to all members. The idea for this friend scheme has been in the pipeline for a couple months and we’re very excited that we can finally announce it. For us, FLATMATES represents a great start to the new year - so why not come along for the ride?

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