Flatpack Festival
Film for all the senses

In this first episode, Director of Flatpack Projects Ian Francis introduces the Birmingham 68 Project and provides an overview of the activity and research that Flatpack Festival and our Birmingham 68 team and volunteers have undertaken throughout 2018.

We also jump into the subject of student protest during this period and, specifically, the story of the landmark student sit in at The University of Birmingham between 27th November to the 5th December 1968 as we hear from several people who were involved in the protest for greater student representation.

Special thanks to:

Anne Durbin, Chris Tyrrell, Edward Jackson, Joe Georgiou, Ian Francis, Matt Bruce, Ahsen Sayeed, Rita Fonseca, Harry Alimo, Chloe Deakin, Hannah Adereti and Bethany Slinn for their contributions towards the episode.

Hosted by Rico Johnson-Sinclair
Produced and edited by Daniel Clifford
Music by Scott Johnson
Project coordinated by Jenine McGaughran

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