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Colour Box has been engaging and entertaining families for over a decade. Now, we are looking to grow our network of established education partners in Brum and beyond.

See below three of the school packages we currently have on offer. These packages can be adapted to enhance and invigorate specific areas of the curriculum, as required.


A cross curricular week long project offering an entire year group complete ownership over the planning of a screening event for fellow pupils, teachers, family and friends. From programming, venue management and design, to ticketing, marketing and red carpeting, before hosting the event itself and pressing play. (Not forgetting important extras like popcorn). Maths, English, Art, IT, and Drama are touched upon as part and parcel of this model. Plus, all important decision making, critical thinking and teamwork. The children will work alongside our Colour Box co-ordinator and a professional filmmaker who will document the process for your school to keep and share following the event.


Zoetropes, retroscopes, flip books! One off impactful workshops, or a number of focussed sessions - you decide. Bring areas of the curriculum to life with our innovative animation workshops. Whilst experimenting with the moving image, your youngsters will develop further educational understanding through the vehicle of their own creativity. The subject matter is up to you.


We can tailor international programmes to any given theme; food, music, friendship, nature, and offer interactive screenings, which come complete with a compere and accompanying workshop. An excellent way to illustrate ideas and to explore themes.

If you are interested in working alongside us or would like to know more, please get in touch.

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