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Welcome to the Internet Cat Film Festival, presented by BABHaus and our team of purrrfect cat video curators; Greta (5), Matilda (9), Joni (7), Rory (6) and Eliza (9).

A great opportunity to share some family time, with plenty of joy and good humour through the magical medium of internet cat videos.

We hope you enjoy our selections introduced by our furrriends; Theo (6), Remy (3) and JK Meowling (age undisclosed).

First up Greta aged 5 chose these videos because she thought they were really funny and cute “the cat just went mmm no it's my hair mmm!” - great choice Greta!

Matilda aged 9 thought these clips of cats in unusual places and cats that can close doors were hilarious, she said “because you don't expect a cat to be there and the dogs don't notice and it's cute” We love these Matilda!

Joni aged 7 thinks that cats vs cucumbers are so funny because the cat jumps right into the air when they see cucumbers on the floor next to them “I think it's funny because it's just a vegetable, it can’t harm them! It's like they curve their back to make themselves look bigger - it's just a CUCUMBER!" I know right? Crazy cucumber madness - great choice Joni!

Joni says “cats are really good jumpers and really balanced but sometimes they fail when they are being like 'I'm really cool' and fall off something. Sometimes it's just like a narrow space to jump and they just fail, it's funny because they are lazy and proud like lions normally.”

Joni has chosen these cats watching scary movies. She says: “the cat's face when it watches scary movies is so funny, I reckon the cat walked in on its human watching these movies and then it was so frightened it was like it was actually real life but its a movie! My favourite thing about cats is that they are cute and funny and this cat was so cute and funny."

Rory aged 6 and Eliza aged 9 also picked three videos. Rory says we'll love this one because he finds it funny, cute and good. Eliza likes the cat with a milk moustache or should we say a mouse-tache?

Rory thinks this one is funny and a little bit cute and he LOVES IT! [REPEAT TO FADE] Eliza thinks some people will find it funny and she thinks the bit where the cat was knocking off the ornaments is an especially funny bit.

This one is popular with Eliza, she loves the one where the cat is playing with a toy and the bit where the cat is fighting with his own reflection. Brilliant choices Rory and Eliza - purrrfect!


Last time we teamed up with Flatpack to show cat videos was in 2015, back when we could do actual events. It was packed! Here's the playlist, with some of the videos above added in.

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