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At a time when movement is so greatly reduced, the simple act of going for a walk takes on a new significance. While many of us are still able to take a stroll close to home, the act of venturing further afield to explore other cities or even countries is fast becoming a distant memory. Video Strolls is here to help. With this selection of ambulatory themed shorts, the Video Strollers invite you for a wander around a conflict zone in Iraqi Kurdistan, a back-alley pilgrimage in Islington and a cross-city odyssey here in Birmingham, all without leaving the house.

100 Metre Street

Dir: Sam Christie
In 2016 Sam Christie took his camera for a walk along the boundary of the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. This film unpacks what he did and didn’t find within the broader context of tourism and documentary film theory.

The Crystal Wald

Dir: Liberty Rowley and Owen Davey
Using a broken bicycle cat's eye reflector, Liberty Rowley transforms her government sanctioned walks around Lewisham.

Walking the Ancient Border of Surrey and Kent

Dir: Paul Sayers and Dominic Martin
Wis-Dom is our guide for this fascinating and offbeat journey along the traditional Kent/Surrey border.

St. John's Path

Dir: Liberty Rowley
Liberty takes us on a fact-filled micro-pilgrimage along St John’s Path in Islington.

Cross City Walks

Dir: Andy Howlett and Pete Ashton
Walking artists Andy Howlett and Pete Ashton look back on the time they walked across Birmingham in straight lines for fun.

Pete Ashton's "A Portrait of Birmingham" as mentioned in the film.

The Prehistoric Mounds of London

DIr: John Rogers
John Rogers, author of This Other London, shares this gorgeous super 8 stroll shot on a walk between the prehistoric mounds of London on the summer solstice of 2008.

John Rogers' blog post about the prehistoric mounds walk.

Walking/not walking

Dir: Davina Kirkpatrick and Carol Laidler
Place and walking are at the centre of Davina and Carol's art practices, but what happens when our bodies age and deteriorate? How does a body in pain take part within a dialogue into place and movement?

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