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7inch no.32: Travelling for a Living

(dir: Derrick Knight, UK 1966, 40 mins)



A glimpse of the mid-60s folk revival in Britain, through the lives of
the Waterson family. Plenty of gorgeous footage of smoky Hull pubs,
with honest chat and beautiful singing from Norma, Elaine (Lal) and
Mike along with their cousin John Harrison. Includes cameos by the
legendary Anne Briggs and Louis Killen. The film will be introduced by director Derrick Knight, with appropriate tunes and shorts to follow.


There are plenty of films about the mid-60s music scene, but none quite
like Travelling for a Living, the 1965 documentary about British folk
revivalists the Watersons. The music is glorious throughout, but it’s
prima facie evidence of how little the swinging 60s swung outside of
London. Shot in Hull, it’s like something Tony Richardson might have
directed, then abandoned for making the north look too gloomy. The
Watersons live in a terraced house, with a one-bar electric fire that
seems to be attached to the wall with a piece of rope. Outside, it’s
permanently foggy. Inside, it’s the same, because everyone smokes
continually, regardless of what they are doing: in a cameo appearance,
the singer Anne Briggs distinguishes herself by keeping a fag on the go
while simultaneously playing with a toddler, participating in a
discussion about the folk revival, and eating a scone.

Alexis Petridis in the Guardian


Date :
May 18, 2008 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
This event was part of 7inch


Hare and Hounds
106 High St Kings Heath Birmingham B14 7JZ
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