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Animation and Beyond

Exploring the ever-growing parameters of animation through screenings, demonstrations and panel discussions, Birmingham City University’s new art school will host a day for industry professionals and those looking to make their way into the sector. Discussions will be chaired by Gary Thomas and Abigail Addison (Animate Projects).

Registration (9:45am – 10:15am)

Adverts vs Short Films (10:15am – 11:30am)
Striking the balance between commercial and non-commercial work is a challenge that many artists have to navigate, but when your art is as time-consuming as animation it becomes even more important to choose your projects carefully. In this panel we’ll be exploring how advertisers are increasingly turning to animators to sell their products, but also looking at the importance of dedicating time to producing one’s own work, and how making both self-funded/low-budget short films and commissioned adverts can be mutually beneficial.
Panellists: Emma De Swaef & Mark James Roels (Oh Willy…, pictured), Conor Finnegan, & Jim Le Fevre

Animation in Theatre & Performance (11:45am – 1:00pm)
You don’t need to delve too far into the theatre world to discover that incorporating animated visuals into shows is de rigueur these days. And with the ever-increasing possibilities of AV sets, exploring the combination of digital and analogue technologies, animators and visual artists are seizing upon opportunities to work with musicians, DJs, theatre companies, and performers. Focussing on the fertile ground where animation meets live performance, this discussion will explore how animators can get a foothold in this area, and the difficulties and benefits that arise from this specialised work.
Panelists: Paul Barritt (1927), Dan Hayhurst & Reuben Sutherland (Sculpture), Ed Jobling (Forkbeard)

First Contact…The Digital Guerrillas (2pm – 2:30pm)
In March last year, the BBC announced they’d be setting up a new digital innovation unit in Birmingham with a remit to “explore the next-generation of BBC content and services, finding new and creative ways to tell our stories to future audiences.” Stefan Shaw, Creative Lead, and Joe Bell, Digital Producer for the unit will be here to outline what they have in store for the coming months.

Youtube, Metube, We Alltube (2:30pm – 3:45pm)
The final panel of the day examines the use of youtube as a distribution tool, and the freedom, immediacy, and the loyal fanbase it helps develop. It’ll also touch on the alternatives to youtube for online distribution, and the pitfalls in making any of one’s work available online.
Panelists: Lee Hardcastle, Anthony Blades (Bird Box), Greg McLeod (Brothers McLeod), Louis Hudson (Dice Productions)

David Kamp: The Art of Sound Design (4pm – 5pm)
Founder of Studiokamp, a Berlin based sound studio specialising in sound design, foley recording, music production and composition for animation, David Kamp has a formidable client list which includes various independent directors, big and small production companies, design studios, agencies, and myriad visual artists. Having worked on a number of acclaimed animated films, including shorts by David O’Reilly, Johnny Kelly, and Max Hattler amongst others, he has established himself as the go-to man in sound design for animation. For this talk he’ll offer insight into his works, the unique creative challenges in sound for animation and some of his recent collaborations in related fields.

Green Screen Studio Cinema (11:30am – 5pm)
Inspired by one of the speakers and want to see more of their work? Then drop in to the Green Screen Studio where a curated programme of short films will play throughout the day. Film listings will be available on the day.

Drinks & Networking (5pm – 7pm)
Taking in a full day of informative and entertaining panels is thirsty work, so all delegates are invited to join us for a drink and a chance to meet one other in a less formal setting.

Keynote Lecture: Richard Slaney & Zsolt Balogh – 59 Productions (7pm – 8:15pm)*
Creators of everything from museum installations (David Bowie is, V&A), to large scale events (video designers for London Olympics opening ceremony), 59 Productions’ portfolio is one of the most impressive and varied around. We’re thrilled to be joined by Richard (Creative Director) and Zsolt (Animation Director), who will discuss the various projects 59 Productions undertake and the vital role that animation plays within their work. This keynote is presented in partnership with Creative Networks.

*Please note that the keynote lecture is free to attend.

The entire day will be documented, annotated and mixed live by artist and videosmith, Sam Meech of Video Titling Services Productions Ltd using “cutting edge” (80s) analogue video hardware and live stop-motion animation experiments, creating a final ‘directors cut’ re-interpretation of the day, all archived to the latest VHS video format.

See also: Animation and Beyond Keynote – 59 Productions


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March 26, 2015 @ 9:45 am - 7:00 pm
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advertising, animation, Interactivity, performance, Q&A, Sculpture, Short Film, Swipeside, talks
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BCU Parkside
5 Cardigan Street, Birmingham, B4 7BD + Google Map
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Tickets will be available from the venue on the day - box office opens 30 minutes before the advertised event start time.

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