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Antville Video Selecter

Dir. Various

Approx. 80 mins

videos.antville is a collective music video blog which we’ve been plundering for some time in search of promo gold. As with many web communities there can be a certain amount of vitriol, but plenty of industry folks dally there and you can get a sense of how things are for those attempting to make a living/good work in the land of eye-catching virals and shrinking budgets. Tonight’s selection uses the site’s 2008 awards as a starting-point, from Keith Schofield’s saucy Toe Jam promo to the wintry wonderfulness of Tobias Stretch’s Efterklang video. The influence of a certain French director still casts a long shadow, and the Antvillers have also proposed a ‘neo-gondry’ selection of young tykes who have grabbed the master’s baton (as it were) and run with it – including Alex Smith’s fabulous fish-puppetry for Pivot.

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Date :
March 13, 2009 @ 4:00 am - 5:30 am
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animation, gondry, music video
This event was part of Flatpack 3
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