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Heather Connor

Heather Connor

Heather is a Wonderland Volunteer Researcher.

Why Wonderland?

I see Wonderland as a great way to incorporate my passions for cinema and heritage. I love finding out stories from old buildings. I’m keen to upscale my research skills and see this as a great opportunity to learn more.

What's your Dream Cinema?

My ideal cinema would ideally be a former, disused cinema bought back to life so there would be the heritage style facade/ decor but with up to date audio visual equipment and modern facilities. All films shown would be subtitled and the cinema would be accessible to all. I would host matinees for children on Saturday mornings showing a mix of classic and new cartoons and films, and there would be regular film events such as a studio Ghibli all dayer or films such as Warriors where attendees would be encouraged to dress up like the film characters. There would be scheduled screenings of locally made films to showcase up coming talent and Q&A's with artists or authors - complete with a streaming option for people who weren’t able to attend.

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