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Joe Georgiou

Joe Georgiou

I’m Joe Georgiou and I’m from Birmingham, but I moved to Sheffield in 2015 to study film production. Whilst there, I made a variety of short films and particularly enjoyed documenting sonic artists and celebrating their work through film. I’ve always had an interest in real stories and making short-form documentaries. This is what attracted me to Birmingham 68, as I’m excited about personal histories and connections between people and place. Born in Birmingham, I have great memories of the city. Visiting my grandad's fish and chip shop in the Bullring where I never left empty handed; heading off to the cinema in Arcadian; getting drenched by the Floozie in the Jacuzzi; travelling on the top deck front seats of the 50 bus like Star Wars Podracers. Through this project, I’ve learnt that people were more connected and there was a greater sense of community than I had first thought. I’m surprised by how much 1968 represented change and forward-thinking. Getting to know the other volunteers, as well as those who lived during the politically charged year of ‘68, has been really enjoyable. I want to continue my research of Birmingham’s history by making short films and promoting artists within the city. It’s also really sparked my interest in podcasts. Recently, I’ve undertaken research into the Double Zero biker club to produce oral histories and a podcast for the Birmingham 68 project. My favourite moment from this strand was supporting a reunion event for DZ members who brought the past to life with their collective animated memories.

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