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Shelley Budgeon

Shelley Budgeon

Shelley is a Wonderland Volunteer Researcher.

Why Wonderland?

I really enjoy using storytelling as a way of exploring socio-cultural contexts and issues. As a sociologist, I have a strong interest in social history and am increasingly interested in psychogeography. Recent events such as Janet Mendelsohn's Varna Rd Exhibition at the Ikon and the "This Way to the Revolution" book were very inspiring for me as someone who is not a native Brummie but has become very attached to the city. These projects afforded me the opportunity to experience my city with a sense of greater appreciation and awareness of the dynamic history that makes Birmingham unique. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to a similar project that will impact others in the same way. And I love cinema!

What's your dream cinema (in ten words or less!)

A Wes Anderson film festival, comfy sofa, surrounded by friends.

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