Flatpack Festival
Film for all the senses

Blazing Saddles

Sunday 18th March, 2012

| 14:30

Flatulent comedy western, a Mel Brooks classic selected by Adil Ray for Misspent Youth.

“Vulgar, crude, shocking, hilarious and brave. The ultimate ingredients for a great comedy classic. A satirical look at Hollywood Westerns with a big dose of racial humour thrown in. I was about 8 years old when I watched this first time around. I didn't get all the jokes but must have rewound the "beans" scene about fifty times. The last time I watched it I rewound the "horse" scene fifty times. Nope, I haven't grown up much. That's the best thing about a funny movie - it has to make you laugh like a big kid.”

  • comedian and writer Adil Ray. Watch out for Adil’s new Sparkhill sitcom Citizen Khan, hitting BBC1 in the autumn.

Dir: Mel Brooks

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