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Cafe Neuro: Short Talks

Saturday 22nd March, 2014

Birmingham Midland Institute - Dickens Room | 14:00

A selection of bite-sized lectures looking at different aspects of the mind.


  • a presentation from Guy Reason ('i am' associates) on neuromarketing; can neuroscience really help us to locate the mythical ‘buy button’ that will bring consumers running?;
  • ‘50 Shades of Brain Imaging’, a participatory talk by Jon Wood (Aston University) which looks at the changing face of neuroscience, and how 19th century discoveries continue to inform neurosurgeons today;
  • 'Drawing images and brain imaging'- Chris Miall (University of Birmingham) will describe his ongoing collaboration with Dr John Tchalenko, a science trained film maker, as we study the eye-hand coordination, the decision making, and the brain processes involved in looking at and copying images.

Throughout the afternoon you can also take part in 'The CinEEG Experiment', conducted by Dr. Martin Vreugdenhil (University of Birmingham) to see how visual stimuli affects brain activity.


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Part of Film Bug andCafe Neuro, across Colmore Business District from 20-23 March.


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