Flatpack Festival
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Colour Box 2

Saturday 26th March, 2011

MAC | 15:30 - 17:00

Family programme of computer animation, including Pigeon Impossible and Oscar-winning short The Lost Thing.

More animated shorts from all over the place, this time for slightly older viewers and with a focus on computer animation. Highlights include:

Pigeon Impossible (dir: Lucas Martell)

A rip-roaring cartoon in the style of Hollywood action movies, featuring a secret agent whose careful planning is messed up when a pigeon gets inside his hi-tech briefcase. Can he catch the pigeon and prevent nuclear war?

The Lost Thing (dir: Ruhemann & Tan)

Based on the book by Shaun Tan, about a boy who discovers a ‘Lost Thing’ on the beach and tries to deliver it to the ‘Federal Department of Odds and Ends.’ The film is narrated by comedian Tim Minchin, and this year picked up the Oscar for best Animated Short.

The Silence Beneath the Bark (dir: Joanna Lurie)

Multi-award winning tale of two creatures in the forest.

The programme will also include two instalments from the brilliant Simon's Cat series, directed by Simon Tolefield.

Dir: Various

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